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Weight Loss Program

Aliza developed an innovative weight loss program, as a result of her years of clinical training, her studies as a Registered Dietician and Certified Dietician/Nutritionist, and the thousands of patients she has seen and guided through the weight loss process. 


Aliza’s program aims to accomplish two important goals: to allow you to lose weight while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and once you reach your weight loss goal, to be able to maintain your success for the future. 

Weekly Consultations

 Aliza meets clients weekly in order to provide the modifications, guidance, and personalized diet that optimizes patient weight loss. 

Aliza is also available for assistance via email, phone, and text, for all last-minute shopping and eating questions. 

Nationwide Program

Aliza works with many clients via phone and email, especially with those who live across the country and cannot meet in the Cedarhurst office. Data compiled from years of running this program shows that these patients share the same level of success as those who see Aliza in her office weekly. 

Design a Customized Diet Based on Eating Preferences, Medical History, and Lifestyle

Easy to Follow Plan That Will Leave You Satisfied And Happy

Access To Special Aliza Beer-Approved Products as Part of Your Program

Start Your Weight Loss Journey 

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